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Review: Didymos Lisca Minos

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Lisca Minos was my first woven wrap. I really had no idea what to expect from a woven, but when this arrived I knew I’d made a good choice. I picked it entirely on the basis of what it looked like, because the craze for rainbow and striped wraps just wasn’t my thing.

Didymos has been making woven wraps since 1972, so they know what they’re doing. Lisca is the name of the pattern, Minos the colourway. A combination of black, turquoise and pink threads gives this wrap a distinctly purple appearance from afar. It is a 100% cotton wrap and lightweight at 185g/m2.

I learnt the wrapping ropes with Lisca Minos

I learnt the wrapping ropes with Lisca Minos – this was one of my first attempts!

I think the technical term for how this wrap feels is “smooshy”. It is delightfully soft. It is a great wrap for a beginner; it has some stretch and bounce to help when learning about tightening. Passes glide easily, which means I managed to knock out my first ever double hammock in this wrap without too much trouble, but the nature of the weave gives it enough grip to stay in place once you’re wrapped. For a thin wrap it makes a bigger knot than expected, a trade off for the smooshiness. It can be prone to pulls, so watch out when wrapping while wearing jewellery etc.

This is the perfect newborn wrap in my opinion. It is also suitable for bigger babies in multilayer carries and has plenty of cush for the shoulders, but I personally found it had just a bit too much bounce and stretch for me as my daughter got towards 10kg and I preferred the firmness of a cotton/linen blend.

The Lisca pattern comes in a number of other colourways, some of which are heavier weight than Minos and better suited for bigger babies or toddlers.


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