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Review: Tekhni Olympos Napa


Tekhni is a relative newcomer to the woven wrap market, established in 2013 in the United States. I was drawn to the designs initially. I thought they were quite bold and unique, without being in your face or out there. The owner of Tekhni is a painter, graphic designer, dye artist and textile designer, so it makes sense that she has hit the mark with her wrap designs.

The Olympos is Tekhni’s twist on a chevron design, which any interior designer worth their salt is splashing all over lounge rooms near you right now. Napa is the colourway – a gorgeous shade of lilac.

Tekhni Olympos Napa

Tekhni Olympos Napa – a great wrap for bigger babies and toddlers

One of the most interesting things about Tekhni’s wraps that set them apart is the use of Repreve, a fibre made from recycled plastic. The Olympos is 55% cotton and 45% Repreve, adding an element of environmental sustainability to the wrap. In an industry that often markets its products on the basis of natural fibres such as cotton, wool and hemp, the use of Repreve is an intriguing choice.

Olympos Napa doesn’t feel super thick in hand, but it is heavy. It comes in around 300gsm. The Repreve gives this wrap an amazing solidness, comparable to linen, which I really like. It has very little bounce or sag. Unlike linen though, I did not find it diggy with my heavy toddler at all, and while it isn’t super soft or marshmallowy, it does have a little bit of cush and comfort on the shoulder. It is very grippy, with a bit more diagonal stretch than my linen blend wraps. Once wrapped, it’s not budging, and it makes a fairly big knot.

It is very densely woven, however unlike linen it does not seem to be hugely breathable, which I guess makes sense given Repreve is a polyester fabric. I have only used this in the winter, and I’m not sure it would be my go to wrap in the height of summer. Having said that, it is certainly suitable for a single layer carry like a ruck with a 12 kilogram toddler, so that is a plus in the warmer weather where a thinner wrap might require multi layer carries. The dense weave also means less likelihood of pulls, so it might make a good beater wrap.

Tekhni Olympos Napa

Supportive and wide, the Olympos makes a comfortable ruck wrap for a toddler

Another benefit for carrying bigger babies is the width; it is nice and wide at 76cm. That width, combined with the solidness and weight, means I probably wouldn’t use this with a newborn. It really excels as an older baby and toddler wrap.

Tekhni is a mid-priced brand, and I think good value for money. The wraps are sold through Tekhni’s Etsy store.


3 thoughts on “Review: Tekhni Olympos Napa

  1. Gorgeous pattern and colour

  2. Just bought this from a FB swap page after reading your review. I’m so excited to try it!

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