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Wrap scrap accessories

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I’ve posted before about wrap conversions, where a wrap is converted into a carrier like a mei tai, half buckle or full buckle. An off-shoot of the wrap conversion industry is a veritable smorgasbord of things you can get made from scrap. Depending on the length of the wrap you have converted, and what kind of conversion you get, you might have nothing much left over, or you might have some substantial pieces of scrap. Or, when you find the wrap of your dreams but it only comes in a size much longer than you need, giving it a chop can be a good option, leaving you with a length of fabric that might not seem to be of much use.

As luck would have it, talented individuals have grabbed this opportunity and started making all sorts of things out of wrap scrap, so you don’t have to dispose of any of your beloved wrap, and you may even get a keepsake that you can use well after your baby has grown up.

If you can sew, you can turn your scraps into anything you like, but, if like me you can barely sew a button, there are loads of women out there (possibly men too, let me know if you’re one of them!) who can turn your scrap into something for you to treasure.

Most of these businesses run through Facebook or Etsy, so search around or ask in your local babywearing group for recommendations. Here’s a few I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with to give you an idea of what you can do.

Wrap scrap pony

Working from Florida in the USA and selling spots via an Etsy page, Wrap Scrap Pony makes pony, unicorn and pegasus stuffed toys from wrap scrap. A minimum of 60 centimetres is needed for a pony, and a little bit more for a unicorn or pegasus. I had a pony made from some scrap I had of a Cloth of Kin Sidewalk Chalk wrap that I had converted into a ring sling. It is delightful, and my daughter loves her “horsey”.

Stuffed pony made from wrap scrap

“Alexander” – my daughter’s wrap scrap pony made from Cloth of Kin Sidewalk Chalk

Girl with toy pony

Seabrezy T’s

When I first got into wraps, I bought the wrap that was released on the day my daughter was born, Natibaby Quadroses Carmine. I bought it in a size 6 as it was the first one that became available, but a 6 was always too long for me, so I chopped it to a size 3 and had the rest made into a bag by Seabrezy T’s – a woman in Perth. I love that I have something made with this special legacy wrap that will last me well past when I no longer carry my daughter. I’m thinking I’ll get the rest of the wrap made into cushion covers eventually as well.

Tote bag made from wrap scrap

Tote bag made from Natibaby Quadroses Carmine by Seabrezy T’s

Oscha keyrings

Oscha is an established woven wraps brand, but in addition they also sell keyring fobs from their wrap scraps. Here’s mine, made from Nouveau Willow.

Keys with keyring made from wrap scrap

Keyring made from Oscha Nouveau Willow.

I love these because it means I can carry my keys around my wrist and have two hands free to pick up the children, bags, paintings, drink bottles, toys etc I have to drag out of the car with me each day! A number of small businesses also make these to order from scrap you might already have.

Handmade by Davinia

Davinia is a fabulous babywearing mama from Sydney who I’m lucky to know personally. In her spare time she creates some gorgeous things from wrap scrap and other fabrics, most notably a bonnet that is pretty much impossible for a small child to remove, which in the Australian sun is very important!


Bonnet made from Oscha Roses Danna

Some other ideas for wrap scraps are purses, headbands, hair ties, scarves, dolly slings, children’s clothes, brooches, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Do you have something made from wrap scrap that you love or a vendor you recommend?


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