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Australian Babywearing Conference – Adelaide, 16 to 18 May 2015


So I’m a little bit excited. Next weekend the Australian Babywearing Conference is happening in Adelaide and I’m lucky enough to be heading along. While I’m a Sydneysider, I’m originally from Adelaide and my parents still live there, so I’m even luckier as I can take my children with me and still make the most of the conference because my mum is going to help look after them for me.

So what’s a babywearing conference? Well, I quote from the conference website, the conference provides a space for the sharing of knowledge and skills about the art of babywearing and allows community members, vendors, educators, health professionals and others from around Australia to meet and connect. It really is a great opportunity for the babywearing community to get together, learn, share and enjoy our joint passion for babywearing. I’m really looking forward to meeting some people I know from the online babywearing community in real life, and hearing from other babywearers about their experiences. There’s also going to be an expo full of interesting babywearing options and associated products – I’m going to have to set myself a strict budget I think!

I’ll be sure to post about my adventures at the conference when I get back, so stay tuned!

If you think this event is something you’d be interested in, you can still buy tickets through the Australian Babywearing Conference website.

If you are already coming, please let me know so I can say hi!