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International Babywearing Week 2015

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October 4 to 10 is International Babywearing Week, an opportunity to celebrate, support and encourage the practice of babywearing around the world.

babywearing week 2015

Here in Australia, we celebrate Australia and NZ Babywearing Week at the same time, and events are held all over to spread the word about what babywearing has to offer the modern parent.

The theme in 2015 is Embrace your World and the fun folk at Babywearing International have come up with a whole lot of themes that groups can use to customise their event to suit their community.

embrace your world logo

In Sydney, we’re using the theme #embraceyourwild and embarking on a walk across the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, which is pretty hard to do with a pram because there’s quite a few stairs to get up to the footpath across the bridge! This walk showcases the beauty that is Sydney Harbour, while highlighting that just because you have a baby it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on enjoying activities you can’t navigate with a pram.

Due to other commitments, we’ve had to hold our event just outside of Babywearing Week, on 16 October, but if you live in Sydney and are interested in joining our bridge walk, please join us at Sydney Babywearers and RSVP to the event.

Visit the International Babywearing Week Facebook page for information about events around the world, or join your local babywearing group to see if they are holding an event near you.


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