Keep them close

Reviews and information about babywearing, slings, wraps and carriers for keeping your baby close and content

About me

Hi, I’m Alison. I’m a mother of two from Sydney, Australia, and an avid babywearer. Keeping your baby close is not new – women have been carrying their babies on their front or back while they work and tend to their family for eons – but the modern babywearing movement has really taken off lately. There is now an overwhelming amount of information and choice for parents who want to carry their baby and have their hands free to get on with their day. Don’t know where to start? My aim is to provide real-life information about babywearing, and reviews of a range of different wraps and carriers on the market to help you navigate the babywearing world. Keeping your baby close and content has never been easier or more comfortable, so jump in!

You can also find me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram @keepthemclose






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