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A babywearing shop! In Sydney! Well, almost…

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting a bricks and mortar store stocking a huge array of babywearing options. Not just a general baby goods store stocking an Ergo or a Baby Bjorn, but a dedicated store selling woven wraps, stretchy wraps, soft structured carriers, mei tais and ring slings. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, it is also run by a qualified babywearing consultant who can help you make the decision about the best carrier for you and your needs. And it is very nearly in my hometown of Sydney – it’s just 1.5 hours up the road in Ettalong Beach, on the Central Coast of NSW.

Babywearing store

Celeste in her store, AngelRock Baby ~ Babywearing Emporium & AngelRock Jewellers ~ Handmade Jewellery Boutique. Shop 15, 189 Ocean View Road, Ettalong Beach, NSW, Australia.

Angelrock Baby is the passionate endeavour of mother-of-three, Celeste, who has run the business online since 2013 and has recently taken the plunge into running a bricks and mortar shop on weekends and public holidays at the Ettalong Beach marketplace (or weekdays by appointment). It’s an ambitious task. While many people ask where they can go to see, feel and try a wider range of babywearing options than the traditional baby goods stores offer, the vast majority of babywearing stores in Australia are online – the overhead costs of running a bricks and mortar store make it prohibitive for most vendors. But I for one am glad Celeste has taken up the challenge, because it really is a great opportunity to try a whole range of different options in once place, with a skilled salesperson who knows what she’s talking about!

Angelrock Baby stocks a huge range of brands including Manduca, AngelPack, ByKay, Wrapsody, Little Frog, Hug-a-bub, Comfy Joey, Didymos, Fidella, Baby Hawk, Lewlewbelle, Nunamoochie and TwinGo (a unique soft structured carrier designed to carry one baby on the front and one on the back – perfect for twins or two children close in age). There is also a range of other useful things such as breastfeeding tea, menstrual cups and soapnuts. But wait, there’s more! Celeste is also a jeweller and stocks a range of amber jewellery as well as providing custom jewellery services.

Amber jewellery and babywearing items

As well as wraps and carriers, AngelRock sells jewellery and supports selected charities.

Now, 1.5 hours from Sydney might sound a little far away, but Ettalong Beach is a lovely spot for a day trip, it’s right on a gorgeous, kid-friendly beach and the marketplace is open every weekend with a range of different stalls and sometimes a bit of live entertainment. There’s even a cinema in the complex. We had lunch at a nearby café called Coast 175, which served high-quality food and Campos coffee – and had a few toys for the kids to play with!

The AngelRock store makes it worth the trip, it is a babywearer’s paradise, and I was a little disappointed that I’m not really in the market for any new carriers given my ‘baby’ is now two years old! I would love to take a new baby there and try on the huge variety of gorgeous items available. Will you go take a look and tell me all about it so I can live gratuitously through you?

*Please note, this post is not sponsored in any way and I have no affiliation with AngelRock Baby, I just genuinely believe that it is such a great opportunity for babywearers in Sydney and surrounds to check out a huge range of products they might not otherwise get to try, so I wanted to let you know!


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Review: Didymos Emerald Turquoise Hemp Indio

Indios are the bomb. One of the oldest styles of woven wrap, Didymos has been making indios of various colours and blends for yonks*. Indio is the name given to wraps with this particular weave or ‘pattern’; a series of squares and circles unique to indios. They hold a bit of a cult status in the babywearing world – despite their simplicity, they are held in high esteem by many and often remain highly sought after and collector’s items.

Didymos indio

The distinctive indio pattern

Emerald Turquoise Hemp Indio was released in May 2014 and is 60% cotton 40% hemp. While hemp can sometimes make a wrap quite beastly, this is a light to mid-weight wrap, around 220gsm. It was surprisingly soft after only one wash and a little bit of use. Certainly nothing to be worried about in terms of breaking in, this would be a fine wrap to purchase new and use straight away.

Being a thinner wrap, I wasn’t sure this was going to be for me, what with 13kg of nearly 2 year old to carry around. While hemp adds supportiveness to cotton, I thought it would be a bit diggy for my liking. I had briefly tried a slightly lighter hemp indio previously, and struggled with its thinness. To put my theory to the test, I tried this wrap in a simple ruck, which is my preferred carry these days. To my surprise it was pretty comfy. I didn’t get a chance to measure the width but it felt a bit wider than older Didys I’ve tried, which helped with my toddler. It was also quite soft on the shoulder, not overly cushy, but the hemp gives it enough bounce to avoid too much digginess with a heavy weight. Having said that, I think if this was a permanent part of my stash, I would use it in a multi-layer carry like a double hammock with a toddler for a bit of extra support.

double hammock in didymos indio

Comfy for a thin wrap with a toddler, particularly in double hammock

I thought I’d try this wrap out on a smaller baby, as I was sure it would shine, and luckily my friend lent me her 8 month old for his first adventure being back wrapped. This wrap was certainly quite perfect in a ruck with an 8 month old, and nice and light on a hot summer’s day. I think this wrap is a great example of one that can get you through from infancy into early toddlerhood with ease, and even with a nearly 2 year old it is certainly far from uncomfortable, particularly given how light it is.

Ruck with didymos indio

A perfect ruck wrap with a smaller baby, and nice and light for summer

Have you tried an indio? Do you agree with their cult status?

*Not a technical term. I did some quick research and couldn’t find a definitive answer to when the first indio was released. If you know, please tell me!

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Review: Didymos Lisca Minos

Lisca Minos was my first woven wrap. I really had no idea what to expect from a woven, but when this arrived I knew I’d made a good choice. I picked it entirely on the basis of what it looked like, because the craze for rainbow and striped wraps just wasn’t my thing.

Didymos has been making woven wraps since 1972, so they know what they’re doing. Lisca is the name of the pattern, Minos the colourway. A combination of black, turquoise and pink threads gives this wrap a distinctly purple appearance from afar. It is a 100% cotton wrap and lightweight at 185g/m2.

I learnt the wrapping ropes with Lisca Minos

I learnt the wrapping ropes with Lisca Minos – this was one of my first attempts!

I think the technical term for how this wrap feels is “smooshy”. It is delightfully soft. It is a great wrap for a beginner; it has some stretch and bounce to help when learning about tightening. Passes glide easily, which means I managed to knock out my first ever double hammock in this wrap without too much trouble, but the nature of the weave gives it enough grip to stay in place once you’re wrapped. For a thin wrap it makes a bigger knot than expected, a trade off for the smooshiness. It can be prone to pulls, so watch out when wrapping while wearing jewellery etc.

This is the perfect newborn wrap in my opinion. It is also suitable for bigger babies in multilayer carries and has plenty of cush for the shoulders, but I personally found it had just a bit too much bounce and stretch for me as my daughter got towards 10kg and I preferred the firmness of a cotton/linen blend.

The Lisca pattern comes in a number of other colourways, some of which are heavier weight than Minos and better suited for bigger babies or toddlers.