Keep them close

Reviews and information about babywearing, slings, wraps and carriers for keeping your baby close and content

Useful links

Babywearing advice and information

Babywearing International

BWBSS Aussie Babywearing Support

Wrap your baby


This is not a complete list, but somewhere to start your search. I have no affiliation with any vendors and this list is not a recommendation. You should undertake your own research prior to purchasing and using a baby carrier.

Angelrock Baby

Babes In Arms

Baby Mumma

Carry My Baby

Fertile Mind

Frangipani Baby

Karri Tree Lane

Ninky Bear

Nurture Nest


Wear Your Baby


Woven Wraps Australia



3 thoughts on “Useful links

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  2. I’m worried. I’ve held my bub on the bed all day every day since birth with occasional time in jpmbb wrap as I’ve had hideous pelvic girdle pain and a tiny flat and recovering from anorexia and anxiety. I want to start baby wearing more- is it too late for her to get the benefits at 5 months? Also how long can the wrapsody be used for and what do you think of the jpmbb ssc and the connecta?
    Thank you -anxious mum who is moving house soon

    • Hi Avril – it is never too late, babywearing is just one tool in many for raising babies, and you can do it as much or as little as suits your and your family’s needs. Sounds like you’ve been keeping your baby close anyway, babywearing just gives us a device to use to keep baby close so we can get out of bed if we need to! I’m not sure which wrapsody you’re referring too, they do 3 or 4 different wraps, so I can’t advise how long it will last, and unfortunately I know nothing of the JPMBB SSC. Connectas are a good carrier, they are quite lightweight compared to many so they can be good in warmer climates or for something to fit in your bag, for that reason they are sometimes not the most comfortable carrier once baby gets heavier, like over 10kg, but should be fine for a little baby. Your JPMBB stretchy wrap should last you easily to 10kg. All the best on your journey.

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